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Staying safe and keeping distance. Keep looking for unpopulated areas to cycle to.

Finally watched the Gentlemen starring Matthew McConaughey... 

It was alright alright alright.

Pandemic and Capitalism 

I'm not a capitalist but I'm really concerned about the small family owned businesses in my area.

I'm gonna do my part to support them when I can but I'm also trying not to leave the house much.

I'm lucky that I can work from home but there is a chance my hours will be cut soon. 😐

@lesbianhacker I guess it really depends on where you live. I'm about 30 miles south of LA and a lot of inventory and stuff is kind of going back to normal.

I've complained in the past about how these webcams have maintained their $80 MSRP for almost 10 years now. I was surprised to see this, but now as I do it totally makes sense. Everyone's working from home.

Today was my first day going to the grocery store since the pandemic started. I'm glad we were able to wait. Other that bathroom tissue everything was in stock again and the lines were back to normal length.

Got the girlfriend's desk setup in the living room now. That's her office. Really lucky that we both still have our jobs and can work from home. I know a lot of people are still working and interacting with other people. Hang in there, kiddos.

Wash your hands.

@iconography Benches keep you butt of the floor. That's a good thing.

Ignore the mess but the new (to me) beast is up with a working wifi chip.

I attached the antenna directly to the case and I feel like a wizard.

This things has an Alienware motherboard that I got for cheap and donated parts. Wrapped up in a $19 thirftstore case.

Waiting till payday to pickup a cheap video card.

Now to clean!

Corona Toilet Humor 

@matti Definitely the brown market! πŸš½πŸ˜€

Corona Toilet Humor 

I'm on a quest for toilet paper. Got plenty to eat but running low on anything to wipe my ass with. 🚽

Having said that, I think it's time America learns to love the bidet. It's time!

Buying mp3s on #bandcamp like it's 2005. Fees are being waved so artists get everything today - buy some music and support!

The view from my porch is pretty impressive today. Normally this would be a fantastic day to go out but...

@rage I wish I could go wired all the time. Right now it's just a 50ft cable running down the hallway. Not ideal.

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