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Watching Top Gun for the first time. Holy crap this movie is terrible. I can't stop watching it.

I'm a jerk, probably. 

It's been very entertaining watching all the and Crypto Currency Bros kind of freak out about today's crash.

I've gotten so used to the idea of a hole punch selfie camera that when I see a notch it looks really old.

I almost said that out loud this weekend but I noticed that a dude with an iPhone was within ear shot.

iPhones look old as hell anymore.

@evelyn @Wraptile They're a fairly well-known YouTube personality, and looks like they were included in a thread with other people I follow.

Got blocked on Twitter by somebody that I look up to. I had no idea they even knew I existed. Now I'm going through my past tweets to see what my offense was. lol

My girlfriend had a bit of a cold this weekend. I successfully nursed her back to health with Chili Fries and Law and Order.

US Pol // California Gov Race 

I won't vote for this person, but good job getting my attention.

Having a heck of a time keeping my eyes open today.

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