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I praise naps all the time but that's only because they're amazing and really make life better.

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I took a nap during my lunch break today. THAT WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE! I feel a million times better.

Found myself waking up at 4:50a and unable to get back to sleep. Knocked out about 1 hour of editing so that's a plus.

a action movie i wrote 

in this scene, a man goes out into the road

bad toughs: "well well well"

the man: "hey, no trouble"

bad toughs: "looks like somebody wants some trouble"

the man: "no, zero trouble"

bad toughs: "are you calling me a liar? and also my friends?"

the man: "look, look, look. [breathing with patience] look, you toughs. please do not attack"

*the toughs attack*


*the man beats up all the toughs*

the man: "maybe the trouble is me. the man."


This weekend is going to be crazy. I have:

+ Editing job that needs to be wrapped in Monday
+ Portrait photo shoot
+ PC repair for a client

I'm going to do what I can in the editing after work tomorrow but after working 8 hours my brain is often mush.

The donut shop near my house has the best blueberry muffins.

@gunga I try to check it out once in a while. Last I looked was the Appimage for 20.11 but it looks like it's not seeing my GPU like the Flatpak version does. Not sure why.

My go-to mastodon client in Linux is still toot. It's simple and works great for a quick post.

I've installed tootle for the Gnome desktop and it seems to crash when I click on an image. This is just a posting test.

Pinephone multiboot image has been updated and now has 13 distros you can try on a single SD card or flashed to the mmc with a nice bootloader. Downloading now so I can go on a tour of pinephone distros πŸ˜ƒ.

US friends: Don't forget to check your voter registration

The Intel VAAPI on my i7 5600U renders h246 in at almost the exact same speed that the AMD 570 used to.

It also helps that Kdenlive is a lot smoother and more optimized these days.

A 2:30 1080p video with color correction took 2:03 to render. I'm not picky so anything at or faster than real time is amazing!

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