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Well, now I'm just stalling. These dishes aren't going to wash themselves!

Just took a quick little nap and now I'm back to my energetic self. Never underestimate the power of a nap!

The sound of my Dierya DK63 keyboard with blue switches and custom keycaps.

Recorded with my Tascam DR-05

@polychrome that is the one I grabbed, so much nostalgia!

It's actually amazing what a difference that simply changing the keycaps can have on a typing experience. I didn't even pick up expensive caps. I think they we're like or something. It's just a better experience.

Yesterday I learned that honey is in fact just bee barf. Look it up.

There's a bee that's been trying to get into my office window but the screen is keeping him out. He's been at it for about 20 minutes.

@anmey That has not been my experience. At least not with most Latitudes or Thinkpads.

I'm 90% sure this is just me being a cantankerous old man. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta take me pills.

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Just got done with the first two episodes of season two of The Boys. This show keeps getting better.

Are you drinking enough water? You gotta stay hydrated.

Setting up this Dell for a client. Installing Linux on this thing took about 15 minutes.

I'm on hour two of Windows install and I still don't have sound drivers.

It just worksβ„’

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