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Had to get some stickers on the side of my desktop PC. Been having fun customizing this thing and getting all my applications installed.

Setting up and configuring a desktop is a lot more work than a laptop anymore. My Wi-Fi card is having trouble initializing oh, I'm not sure if it's the port or the card itself. When I have more time I'll swap it out. Until then I'm connected over ethernet.

I figure if I cannot leave the house I might as well be using a desktop.

Say hello to my portly friend.

I've been distracted by life for the last few days. How is everyone tonight?

I forgot it is St. Patrick's Day. πŸ€

My new project, ThinkPad x120e. Came with no hard drive and only 2GB of RAM. Missing battery and the keyboard was disconnected. Got the keyboard working and I'm starting to install Debian.

How to Safely Clean your Phone. #Video 

74/366 #366Challenge #xp

I read this book this morning. There are a few minor quibbles that I have with it, but otherwise there are a ton of great cases for open borders in here.

Rendering my first video that I shot with my . The autofocus makes the video work so much easier.

Coronavirus Is Our Future | Alanna Shaikh

Watch this, then wash your hands.

Rainy weekend, eh? Might have to grab some disinfectant wipes and hit the movie theater a bit this weekend.

Lots of disinfectant wipes.

Here is two minutes of LA rain noise I just recorded with my Tascam DR05.

Woke up with the Fraggle Rock theme stuck in my head. This is a sign that today will be a good day.

So this popped up. I know word existed before it was a brand but it's still synonymous with me.

It's hard to have confidence when the dude at the window keeps whistling in confusion and saying "what the?" as he looks over my tax files.

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