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Bad news: I have to go to the IRS office in Long Beach. Good news: I'm off work a bit early and I'm on one of the electric buses.

Bonus Hopefully: I wrap up with the IRS before I normally would get off work and I can enjoy some of this sunshine!

My desk is too messy for me to emotionally process. So, another day it is.

When you work from home, are home everyday, and no one knocks on your front door.

I take a lot of ocean, sky, and architecture photos for fun but I think I want to start adding to the gallery. All images uploaded are Creative Commons Zero or Public Domain.

So I've started an account and I plan on adding to it regularly.

I'm being a lazy bum and not cleaning but in my defense I'm super cozy.

I had some time to kill while I was waiting for bicycle repairs. it's starting to warm up and it's starting to feel more like summer.

was fun. Thank you everyone. I'm not going to be there today. Today is my recovery day. Feel free to stop by my friends at the Uncoded and FSF booth if you haven't already and say hi!

Doing some Cali Burger today. Gonna see if the robot is making food yet.

Heading to Pasadena. My team is setting up the booth at and I still need to finalize the flyers.

The date on my bus is 07/19/00. No wonder it didn't show up on the GPS. It's a time traveling bus.

Switched from an unlimited plan to the 6gb plan and forgot to turn off while on mobile data. Blasted though a few gigs while shooting video.

I saw the dudes doing construction on the street. I had a feeling the power would go out. I was correct.

I guess I'm taking a break. 😁

1. Stop touching your face

2. Wash your hands

3. Stop touching your face

4. Avoid telling secrets while coughing/sneezing

5. Stop touching your face

6. Clean your utensils well

7. Stop touching your face

My two favorite music players right now are:

Vinyl for Android
Lollypop for Desktop

CMUS still has a place in my heart but I find myself going back to those two.

Forgot to wear my "I Voted" sicker. So much for flexing on all those who know it's a rigged system that we pretend is a democracy for some reason.

I've been on a fruit kick. I can't seem to get enough strawberries.

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