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My old DSLR bag is a bit big for my mirrorless camera. However it frees just enough room for a sandwich.

> Trump to invite social media companies to White House to discuss โ€˜free speechโ€™ online

This is 'publically' an embarrassment.

I bought my for the video. Heard it did lousy images. Tonight I was blown away by how good the images look. Even without touching up in the raw JPEG files looked great.

I sneezed so hard that my arms hurt. That's new.

Another awesome Hack Night. Though I didn't get anything done. Good food and great conversion. Failed at getting a new members HP to boot Linux. HP apparently have picky BIOS's.

I'm lazy. I build an HTML site. I add Jekyll funtions with Hello Jekyll Theme. I tweak it a bit and I have my site... In theory.

Gab Voilence 

Gab Voilence 

The irony of me wasting time trying to get my Pomodoro plugin working instead of actually working are not lost on me.

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