@jba That would be great. However we use Hangouts at our firm.

I know, right?

I keep finding more scratches on my skin from the camping trip. I have a cut on my face somehow. I'm gonna go full next time.

It's only 5:30! Whats all this night time shit? Who moved the sun? Put it back!

@skolli You can always use a phone / tablet as a drive.

@amolith I only have a few apps not from F-Droid. Only a few proprietary apps. Zero Google services.

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@Bonedwarf For the most part I don't either. However my clients all love the Google suite.

@nico That's one of the worst offenders. lol

All of the Google services make the fan on my laptop ramp up. This is the same company that tells us we need to make websites lighter and snappier?

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@gamehawk That's awesome. It was my first time. I'm actually new to the whole camping thing.

Made a time lapse video on of the sun set at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park this weekend.

Wanted to capture the sunset and my friends got in the shot. I like it.

Shot on my OnePlus3t with Open Camera App. Edited with Kdenlive.

Wanted to have a talk ready for tomorrow but it's hard to focus on computer things after working a full shift. Change of scenery and I'll go home and give it another go.

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✱ : Diaspora
🏚️ : Google Plus
πŸ’€ : Ping

We should be using for social icons.

🐘 : Mastodon
🐦 : Twitter
πŸ“· : Instagram
🚽 : Facebook

It all works!

Naw, it's cool USPS, I didn't want my glasses anyways.

What is going on?

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