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I'm awake. It's gonna be an awesome day I can feel it. What's everyone working on today?

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Went out to the lagoon and snapped a few images before the sun set. These two old guys came out good.

Got a new (used) 35-70mm lense from my dad for my . Decided to take a little self portrait testing it out on my lunch break. Wanting to get back into photography again.

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Graham Crackers: For When They're Too Young For Prozac

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Stop saying RSS is dead people. I'm literally using it to read your shitty article about how it's dead

Spent an evening doing laundry and being absolutely lazy with the $GIRLFRIEND and I'm so full of awesome grub.

I didn't get any of my projects done at all this weekend but it was still awesome.

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My family is a bunch of amazing beautiful weirdos. @RachaelReeder πŸ˜πŸ”πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

@shortcake I've been using for about two years. It really is fantastic.

To avoid the heat I took shelter at the nearby in-N-Out. Safe from the harsh elements! πŸ”

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