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GNU/Arthur βœ…

@art the best thing since squeezed bread

MIT-licensed illustrations for all of your landing page needs.

My girlfriend squeezes a loaf of bread and pretends it's an accordion. This is how I know she's the one for me.🍞❀️

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Trying you drink more water. I'm worried that I'm dehydrated and just can't tell.

@jamie Yep, they're probably the largest chain in the US.

alexa, collect data to sell to advertisers

@Are0h You can use ffmpeg to convert them to ALAC. Not sure if the tags translate well though.

Today is an Ozzy type day. Black Rain might be one of my favorite Ozzy albums right after No more Tears.

@onreact That's how I had it when I lived at my old place. When I moved I had a lifestyle change. I need to change it back.

Good morning, pals! Here’s a little boost in case you needed one to get going today.

People working together did that. People working together can do just about anything. 😘

Got some overdue exercise today. Since the move I've only had a few days to focus on health. 🚲

This is why the work started a few years back is so important.
β€œWhen people are expected to work on open source for free, only the people who can afford to work for free can participate.” - @fperez_org (via @tracykteal) #SciPy2018

@ajroach42 64 is not bad. You'll be able to tell though.

@ajroach42 Supposedly opus at a bitrate above 160 k is not lossless but acoustically transparent. Human ears can't hear the difference. Supposedly.