Fighting the sleepies real hard today. Used my lunch break for an epic 20 minutes powernap.

Everything is much clearer now and I can focus. Sometimes it's a simple solution!

I've been awake for 10 minutes and haven't heard a single firework. You guys okay out there? Do I need to send someone to check on you?

I'm sorry, you're gonna have to speak up. Fireworks are illegal in this town.


I'm sorry, what?

dammit david freeman is never gonna find his family's new house


Fireworks & fireworks shows are banned in Los Angeles County this #July4th. But look at our Burbank camera and our LAX camera looking toward South LA... it's never-ending.


@tagomago I've been using Buku Still haven't found a way to get that installed on my phone just yet though.

Americans: socialism bad because gulags
Also Americans: we have the largest prison population in the history of the world and we're damn proud of it

Get me out

@Sujee They keyboard is fantastic. The small right shift I thought was going to be a pain is actually nice.

The mouse is kinda light and a bit smaller than expected in the hand but accurate. Good clicky buttons and good scroll.

Dierya dk63 keyboard and the Rii rm105 mouse make a decent pair. The Rii feels way cheaper than expected and the Dierya feels way more expensive than it is.

Diving deeper back into life. Any awesome personal blogs that I should follow?

@cs I've already had some issues where there was small issues with CSS rendering that would only show up under Edge. Event though it's based on Chrome there are small differences in how it handles stuff.

Edge is not alone. Brave is also based on Chrome and Brave handles video chat like Jitsi better than Chromium does.

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