This is an experiment to salvage shit video. Was shot on my phone while walking. Probably the worst possible way to shoot this.

Using the vstab that's default in 18.12.1 seems to give me the best results. Maxing out the settings is a jellofest.

@CarlCravens I recomend that the next phone you buy make sure it's supported by a 3rd party. Most hardware manufacturers don't care about long life.

Good sources for rock solid roms:

I use Lineage OS as my daily.

Yesterday I was constantly sleepy. Today, so far, I'm a firecracker! Feels good to finally have energy again.

@boxjon It's an old OnePlus 3t. It's running LineageOS.

@feonixrift That's a fantastic example. I agree about keeping only the devices that make life good. 🀘🏼

I love my Thinkpad but I must admit that my trusty old phone is probably my most valued piece of tech.

For the last two years, everyday without fail, it's put up with abuse from me. It never fails, it never overheats.

Because of good software it's actually faster than when I first got it. The battery keeps up and the camera keeps getting better.

I hope this thing lasts forever.

Do you have a piece of hardware in your life that gives genuinely makes your life better?

Got my HDMI capture setup. It was $50 and it's very analog. Still HD though. Roughly 720ish.

The Kdenlive refactor is not ready yet. Just spent an hour editing and my project is randomly corrupted.

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Happy #EarthDay, mes chéries. Take a moment today to appreciate the beauty of the planet we share. And try to do something good for the world, if you can. 🌍

This was a productive weekend. Migrated the mail server, recycled an old PC safely. I didn't get my sister's PC fixed but I'll have the hammered out this week.

In other news I finally got my HDMI capture device. It was only $50 and I plan on reviewing it's performance under Linux.

@cigarBGuitarEfx I might have to check that out. This system though didn't have enough ram to update any packages. I kinda just used what was default in the system.

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Don’t forget to buy yourself the occasional birthday cake even though it’s not your birthday

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@jboverf Probably without issue. πŸ‘πŸ»

Github's newest feature: Vendor lock in from the command line!

They actually encourage aliasing their tool to you git.

@xmanmonk I'd totally do that of the performance to power ratio was higher than a raspberry pi. This thing could double as a space heater. lol

@MadestMadness Probably but I'm almost certain that what I'm doing is kinda overkill. This was my friends PC from middle school so its probably only old homework and bad fan fiction. 😁

Adventures from the messy desk.

Tonight I'm securely wiping my friends old XP computer so we can recycle it. It's got a Pentium 4 and 512MB of RAM. Unfortunately too old to be useful.

I'm scrambling his brains so that his secrets die with him.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512

Good night sweet Prince.

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