There's something fun about taking the bus to dinner and getting the same bus/bus driver on the way back home.

Finally getting a new video out for Thursday.


I don't condone piracy. (😉) If companies like HBO continue to remove content from their streaming services, and that content can't be found anywhere else, game on.

The 13th Gen Intel i9 has a price and launch date.

New chips at the top end are cool and all but what really excites me is what's going to happen on the low power laptop chips.

My current laptop only gets about 4 hours if I'm going a lot of video editing. (which is pretty good) but I want more.

Marvel bros- She Hulk spoilers 

@sieri So far I've liked this series a lot.

I like that it essentially ends with a Donkey Kong kill screen.

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Dream application:

TUI based midi software with a text piano roll. I like the idea that music could be made in any interface and everything has a terminal.

Just watched a dude put his trash on a bench next to a trash can. Like less than 4 feet. There was not even an attempt.

@dwaltiz Okay... how did you not lose track? Why did you keep them open?

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