This might be the best Thumbnail I have ever made.

New video on my ATSC tuner and my TV setup with mpv, curl, and Kodi.

It's so tiny. As soon as I opened the package and saw the tiny I instantly understood why everyone loves this thing.

The new Macbook Pro looks nice. I'll order mine in 5 years for $600.

@wxcafe Personally I feel that it's just kinda wasteful of space. My phone has a hole punch camera at the top in a spot that's not used much.

Why do a notch when a hole punch works better?

Hey Alexa, are Apple Airtags bad for privacy?

Download speed test at my home (Spectrum): 48 Mbit/s

Download speed test at the park with me 5G phone (Tmo): 259 Mbit/s

Traditional ISPs can't compete because they refuse to innovate.

There's a little diner near my house that doesn't have the BEST food. It's got good food, but they're just not the best place in town. However, it's just so chill. It's locally owned and I really like going there. I hope they stay in business forever.

@alrs Are you living out in Maine? I thought you were a LA-sh like myself.

@Gemlog I'm sorry that I've moved around a lot but my new permanent home is TILvids.

It'll be posting there from now on. I'm financially invested into TILvids.

Got a video coming about my HDHomeRun ATSC tuner. I look so sleepy.

Taking another mental health day. I literally couldn't get up and go to work. I slept in, did laundry, and now I'm eating chicken.

So far for surround sound ffmpeg and mpv both treat 6 channels as

1. L front
2. R front
3. Center
4. LFE
5. L Surround
6. R Surround

It doesn't seem to matter the format.

I'd be okay if this is just become a universal 5.1 setting. It matches the DVD/ac3 spec.

@paperdigits Legit, that's how I have it on my TV. It works so good. 🤘 On the desktop i just open each channel with mpv.

167 Broadcast Channels. 105-ish bucks and the signal is great now. Still less than TWO month of Cable TV.


Antenna with Amplifier $18

Sheilded Coaxial Cable $25

Totally worth it.

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🇺🇸 New milestone: my F-Droid compatible repo now serves 750 #Android #apps :awesome: 🥳 Number 750 is a special candidate, too: HideDroid promises to anonymize network traffic from analytics modules. I haven't tried it – but if there's a geek out there to validate that claim, please let us know!

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