Just another reason to not trust or any other large org.

> Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

The cloud is just someone else's computer.


Just a quick test. Doing focus peaking on Android with an HDMI capture dongle.

ISO was at 640 and I still had to bump it up in post.

Achievement Unlocked:

I N S O M N I A βœ…

@kat I used to do that to my room mate all the time. Ssh into his machine and eject. I'd hear him curse my name from his room cause it would scare him.

He never revoked my keys, but eventually he got rid of the drive. 🀣

Trying to remotely remaster a live CD. Gotta make simple changes for a local nonprofit that turns ewaste into computers for low income persons.

I cut my thumb on my fingerprint and I can see the hole. My fingerprint scanner on my phone still unlocks.

That means the scanner is really good. Or really lousy. I'm not sure.

Working on a video about how no VPN service let's you use it as a Virtual Private Server and I've discovered Mullvad VPN.

It works great for TORRENTS. You know? The ONLY thing a VPN service is good for. Not getting dinged for copyright infringement when downloading.

But, yeah, Mullvad is pretty slick.

genitals, shitpost 

Hey Kids! Stop all the downloading!

What browser do you use?
What other options?

It's probably an unpopular opinion but I genuinely like the desktop.

I like the client-side-decorations, I like the flexibility of the extensions. I'd love to have a phone that runs the Gnome interface.

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