Neutral metal health 

I might be depressed. Not sure. Gonna try to clean something and take a nap. β™₯️

After about a month using for remote access there are some pros and cons.

PRO: Works almost transparently on Linux. I mount my NAS and desktop folders in Gnome Files as if I was on the local network no matter where I am.

CONS: Android applications just FAIL sometimes if I'm connected. Lyft and Google RSC and unusable so I have to disconnect to use those apps.

So far overall, I love it.

@FrazzledBrynn Blender does good 2D stuff. Might be a bit more of a learning curve that what you're looking for.

Flashing and flickering animation 

Here's the link to the video. It's 24fps at 1080p. Feel free to use for any reason whatsoever.

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Why do goths drink Diet Coke? 

Because they love synth pop.

Flashing and flickering animation 

Totally stole the idea from @vkc about a Batman style transition animation. I got the blender project on Git. Feel free to improve upon it. I'll have the high resolution video uploaded soon.

If someone wants to make some non-infringing audio to go with it, that'd be awesome.

@vkc I think I could make a pretty good looking one in Blender. I'd use the Tux silhouette.

Been using the a Transit app lately. It does a good job of letting me know how far away the bus is. So far more accurate than the Moovit app or Google Maps.

Also, native dark mode.

Not feeling good today so I'm staying in bed. Get some rest and then maybe pancakes.

Any day I don't have to turn my webcam on for work is a good day.

elon rant 

@twylo The world doesn't need that many cars. 😐

I have no idea where my PinePhone is. I thought I put it in storage but I can't find it. Did I lend it to a friend? I have no idea.

Canonical: You like snaps now

Snaps: I don't respect your system settings, themes or anything!

Me: Oh no

Snaps: My file chooser doesn't remember your sidebar folders in Nautilus like everything else, also, get used to navigating from / every single time, because I don't remember anything else either

Me: That's not what Iβ€”

Snaps: Also now you have to remember to update your software in yet another place

Me: Please stop

Snaps: Btw I take up way more resources too

Canonical: You're welcome

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