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Got my x230 charger shipped from my sister. I'm back in business. Also my off-brand 9 cell charger is working perfectly.

I got my 9 cell battery for my x230. It had a 80% change when I pulled it out of the box which is good because I forgot my charger at my parent's house this weekend.

Ordered my battery from Amazon and it'll be here on Sunday. Pretty excited. Still waiting on my wireless card from china.

The bad:
The winds are strong today so my sinuses are acting up. The Grand Prix is happening so I'm hearing that all day.

The good:
It's beautiful out. Got date night with the girlfriend tonight and I'm ordering my 9 cell battery today.

I know a lot of people like the traditional keyboard but this might be the best chicklet keyboard I've ever used.

The old slow Asus I had spoiled me with that 10-12 hour battery. My x230 goes about 2.5-3 hours. Drastic. I need to get that 9 cell battery.

My nerves! Just flashed the newest bios followed by the patch to remove the battery whitelist ( ) on my . That was scary but it was a success!

According to the USPS tracking my will be delivered today. I'm so excited I'm hesitant to leave the house.

I found a absolutely perfect condition x200 for $40 at the swap meet. It kills me but I had to walk away. I can't be dropped money for things I don't need.


Very excited. Ordered myself a x230 that should be here on the 5th.

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