I have a new daily driver coming today. Upgrading from the x1 3rd gen to the x1 6th gen. Finally on that USB-C/Thunderbolt compatibility.

Installing Linux Mint on this x120e. The wifi chip is hella slow. I might be at this for a bit.

Got a new trackpad and palm rests installed. Next will be an upgrade to the battery, maybe the backlit keyboard. Still waiting on my stylus from China.

x230 tablet

My headphones and my drawing tablet both died this week. Ordered new headphones from DX and might buy a x230 tablet from a friend.

Got the cheapest decent 120GB SSD in my old x230 and I'm installing Debian back on that beast.

It's not my daily driver but I still love this thing.

Busted out my old x230. Event though my x1 has become my daily driver the x230 is still an absolute unit.

That slow wifi card tho.

Our local library let's has free to use 3D printers.

Today i picked up my legs! They're really strong. Just need to clean up the texture a bit. Kinda flaky around the corners.

Not all membrane keyboards are created equal. Today I picked up a Lenovo KB4721 at the local thrift store for $8.

It offers an almost like typing experience. These can be found on EBay for less than $20.

Now that I have my x1, the x230 is my "let's play with stuff that might break my workflow" computer.

Today I installed for the first time in years. It's more forgiving on a 1366x768 screen than . Neat.

Took a picture of my two laptops. On the left is my x230 and the other a x1 Carbon 3rd gen. Photo from my Canon EOS.

Bought a x1 Carbon 3rd gen from a buddy yesterday for $180. It's a little beat up but it's beefy. 1440p screen and i7 chip. Touch screen. I'll be getting some replacement parts but this will probably become my daily driver now.

Got a few new keycaps. Finally replaced my Windows key with a proper key. Now I just need to find a way to replace Windows key on my .

Just picked up an Acer c720 from the swap meet for $20. Neat. Gonna flash it with and maybe bump the SSD to 128. Its not nearly as fast as my but it's tiny. Like roughly the size of a pad of paper.

I wish there was an affordable OLED screen for my . I got one on my phone and all other screens seem inferior.

Got the SSD in my x230 setup and there is a nice little boost to applications loading. Hopefully it'll give me a little battery bump too.👍

Gnome is a little cramped on 1366x768 but it still works. Not sure if I should attempt the 1080p mod for my x230.

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