I've been goofing around with both toot and bti commandline tools. toot is the client and bti the client. They're both in the repos. It's nice to be able to just shoot off a quick thought without opening the browser.

Does anyone have any experience running on a Chromebook XE303C12? Thinking about picking one up just as writing machine.

Started collecting old phones. Found some adapters to make my micro USB cables work with -C and the .

Still learning how to mount the iPhone on but no luck so far.

Someone pointed out that it's probably because `libimobiledevice` doesn't work with the newest build.

Installed and themed my system in less than 1 hour. I've gotten good at this and I'll be doing it over again come Friday when the new SSD gets here.

I love but when it comes to live environments does a decent job.

My SSD somehow got scrambled and I'm running the live until after work tomorrow when I'll have time to fix everything.

On the live image I was able to install all the tools I need so I can work fairly seamlessly.

+ LibreOffice
+ Gimp
+ Chrome ( I know...
+ FileZilla

It only took about 5 minutes to set up. This is why I love Linux.

Decided that I should try running a full stack on my phone. I have a full system so why not?

My co-worker was in the middle of a video chat and decided to reboot on him for an update. Meanwhile on my desktop I have 28 Days and 15 hours of Uptime. All my packages are up to date as well.

Haven't put the 16GB of RAM yet but dropped into the system. This thing is a beauty. Next purchases will be the backlit keyboard, 9 cell battery, and the SSD. Those will have to wait though.

Found that I can manually add PPA's to Stretch but I have to add Xenial packages. So far all of them have worked... So far...

joy! All my tools, all my plugins, and all my favorite applications are running smoothly. Prepping a drive for . mastodon.sdf.org/media/AtD2o64

For the first time is years I'm finally back on from Ubuntu. Last time I was a Debian user 2 was the default desktop. Stable feels so good now.

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