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This might be the best Thumbnail I have ever made.

New video on my ATSC tuner and my TV setup with mpv, curl, and Kodi.

It's so tiny. As soon as I opened the package and saw the tiny I instantly understood why everyone loves this thing.

Download speed test at my home (Spectrum): 48 Mbit/s

Download speed test at the park with me 5G phone (Tmo): 259 Mbit/s

Traditional ISPs can't compete because they refuse to innovate.

Got a video coming about my HDHomeRun ATSC tuner. I look so sleepy.

167 Broadcast Channels. 105-ish bucks and the signal is great now. Still less than TWO month of Cable TV.


Antenna with Amplifier $18

Sheilded Coaxial Cable $25

Totally worth it.

Unzip into a folder and run "wine pinball.exe".

That it. That's all it takes.

Looks like not all of Facebook is back. Messenger is still borked.

About to make the most popular Mastodon instance yet!

Facebook domain is for sale according to this site.

Got a decent antenna for my HDHomerun and I have all the major networks. 167 channel are found. Only one or two don't load.

Easily got about 50+ high quality English channels that I might watch.

You guys like YouTube channels? Want to collect even more?

Just hit 4k and I'm stoked.

I have no idea why but I thought it was going to be bigger.

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