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Skipper Dan by Weird Al

Just in time for Jungle Cruise. It's movie night!

EC | 4th of July Selfie 

This is the most patriotic thing I own.

Took the day off work and enjoyed the beach. Had my first steak since before the pandemic, and now I'm off to the movies. Not a bad birthday.

I did not feel like working today. Tomorrow is my birthday. Fortunately a miracle happened. The power went down. Can we get a round of applause for the boys in green?

Blasphemy at Raising Cane's. Their chicken is great but they don't server BBQ sauce. I had to improvise.

After a year. I'm do beat up from this and I barely did anything.

John McAfee Dead // Weird 

Looks like John McAfee died of the same disease that killed Jeffrey Epstein.

Checked his Wikipedia and what the actual fuck?

Today's bop is "Reagan" from Killer Mike. A 2012 classic.

with to serve my site locally on my phone.

Got to edit with. I can use vim too but Acode does a great job on mobile.

Ignore my terrible skills.

Well, I just found a color laser printer. One of my neighbors had it sitting out with a free sign on it. I finally have a wifi printer and now I can make color stickers!

I have these Redmi Airdots. They were my first pair of wireless earbuds. I got them a year ago for $19.

I fell in love wireless buds after wearing them with a mask. The wired buds I had were a pain.

They sound good but have an unusable mic. Useless for calls but pretty great for music.

My nice Samsung Pros are out for repair and I've been using these guys again for walks. I forgot how nice they are to use.

Seagate just sent me 16 Terabyte (4x4) Ironwolf drives in the mail for a super fun video I'm working on.

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