It's only 5:30! Whats all this night time shit? Who moved the sun? Put it back!

Made a time lapse video on of the sun set at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park this weekend.

Wanted to capture the sunset and my friends got in the shot. I like it.

Shot on my OnePlus3t with Open Camera App. Edited with Kdenlive.

Naw, it's cool USPS, I didn't want my glasses anyways.

What is going on?

USB-C cable from the Dollar Store. Will it charge my phone or burn out the port? Only one way to find out!

What you know about that messy desk work life? πŸ‘Œ

This was graciously donated to me from @pho4cexa and I got it cleaned up and working almost flawlessly. Red is amazing.

Another benefit of visiting the zoo is all those steps. The best exercise is the kind that just feels like fun.

Back to my Casio this weekend. Not that it's a bad thing. This is still my favorite watch. I've had this one for about 3 years. Same battery that came in the box. Nearly indestructible.

At Uncle Eddy's Lasagna. It's a play where's youse eat lasagna. Average age at this thing is probably 60+. My kind of people.

Just playing with and doing some simple compositing.

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