And now, a photograph of the couch in the hallway of my apartment complex.

Today I learned the Gnome Maps has both a dark mode and an export image mode. Neat.

The sound of my Dierya DK63 keyboard with blue switches and custom keycaps.

Recorded with my Tascam DR-05

Setting up this Dell for a client. Installing Linux on this thing took about 15 minutes.

I'm on hour two of Windows install and I still don't have sound drivers.

It just worksβ„’

There's both fog rolling in and smoke coming from the LA fires. Everything looked unreal.

At least I had a good 10 mile bike ride in this morning.

Almost clean battle station. It's been long overdue for a refresh. Removed the desktop PC and I'm back to using me Thinkpad as my daily driver.

For the record, laptop docks are a total game changer. I forgot how awesome this is.

I'm devastated to find out that the Long Beach Cafe is finally shutting down.

It's been a staple of Long Beach since 1988. I have nothing but fond memories of going there. I was there just before the pandemic with my girlfriend and it was rad.

These are the kind of local businesses that are truly at risk during this pandemic.

Just realized this can be used to unlock tethering speed limits. Full wifi speed on my tablet or laptop. I have a VPN server running at my house so this works really good.

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