Today's screenshot. Found a theme called Qogir on Gnome-Look. I like it.

I really like keeping my phone home screen sparse. I see other phones covered in icons and it gives me anxiety.

Open Chrome, CPU: πŸ”₯
Open Skype, CPU: πŸ”₯

Open Both at the same time:

Donated my second monitor to a family member. Gonna try and use the laptop as my second. It's awkward because the large screen is 1080p and the laptop is 1440p.

This is some real first world problem I have here.

Apt Updates on Public WiFi with

McDonald's and Starbucks' adult content filtering are blocking apt updates. Here's how to keep you system up to date.

Some of our clients hire writers that for some reason don't capitalize the first letter in a sentence and often forget the period at the end.

My evening out on downtown. Ice cream, library, beautiful sunsets, and Jay and Silent Bob double feature.

I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow.

Finally getting around to setting up the old . Got a SSD in it. Can't seem to get my Radeon 350 to work. Not sure if it's a compatibility issue or of it's just a borked card.

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