Flashing and flickering animation 

Totally stole the idea from @vkc about a Batman style transition animation. I got the blender project on Git. Feel free to improve upon it. I'll have the high resolution video uploaded soon.

If someone wants to make some non-infringing audio to go with it, that'd be awesome.


Been using the a Transit app lately. It does a good job of letting me know how far away the bus is. So far more accurate than the Moovit app or Google Maps.

Also, native dark mode.

I'm a jerk, probably. 

It's been very entertaining watching all the and Crypto Currency Bros kind of freak out about today's crash.

I've gotten so used to the idea of a hole punch selfie camera that when I see a notch it looks really old.

I almost said that out loud this weekend but I noticed that a dude with an iPhone was within ear shot.

iPhones look old as hell anymore.

US Pol // California Gov Race 

I won't vote for this person, but good job getting my attention.

MASSIVE Dr. Strange Spoiler!!!1!! 

Just kidding. Hasn't started yet.

I don't know what Americana is but I'm pretty sure it's whatever the fuck these flags are.

I need to go to bed. I have a crazy busy day tomorrow and there's no good reason to stay up this late.

Remeber the Fail Whale? That was cute. We should bring that back.

I've been a user for a long time. Here's a screenshot of me editing video in 2011.

Here's the link to the video:


In the last few months the @Krita build for has gone from experimental to downright enjoyable.

I'm a rebel 

Buy inflight WiFi, share the connection with my girlfriend.

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