This might be the best Thumbnail I have ever made.

New video on my ATSC tuner and my TV setup with mpv, curl, and Kodi.

It's so tiny. As soon as I opened the package and saw the tiny I instantly understood why everyone loves this thing.

Download speed test at my home (Spectrum): 48 Mbit/s

Download speed test at the park with me 5G phone (Tmo): 259 Mbit/s

Traditional ISPs can't compete because they refuse to innovate.

Got a video coming about my HDHomeRun ATSC tuner. I look so sleepy.

167 Broadcast Channels. 105-ish bucks and the signal is great now. Still less than TWO month of Cable TV.


Antenna with Amplifier $18

Sheilded Coaxial Cable $25

Totally worth it.

Looks like not all of Facebook is back. Messenger is still borked.

Got a decent antenna for my HDHomerun and I have all the major networks. 167 channel are found. Only one or two don't load.

Easily got about 50+ high quality English channels that I might watch.

You guys like YouTube channels? Want to collect even more?

Just hit 4k and I'm stoked.

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