Finally getting a new video out for Thursday.


Not sure who's in charge of choosing dates but Bi Awareness Week is here.

I often use AVNC to log into my desktop computer while working. Between that and Termux SSH session I can do some lower stress tasks. Great for laying on the bed.

Probably of my favorite things about working from home.

Today I learned that the tiny pocket on pants (that I often use to store my earbuds in) is for a pocket watch.

Found a public domain maybe of Nocturne, rendered in with a Grand Piano Soundfont. Animated the waveform with Bizualizer plugin for blender. composited in .

Rain footage from Pexels, thunder sounds from Freesound.

The new is incredibly customizable. I don't know if this is a new feature but it's definitely a nice feature. Version 28 is out now.

Nerd Dictation: Simple Dictation Software for Linux

I saw how utilized VOSK to generate subtitles and found this software that works wonderfully on my Desktop.

Nerd Dictation is an open source, cross-platform voice dictation engine. It has been designed to provide users with a reliable, accurate and powerful alternative to the proprietary speech engines.

New video made with the freshly released 22.08. This was a really big upgrade and I'm trying to take advantage of all the new features.

I tried to make a high resolution version of the Epic Handshake meme. Found a 4k clip on youtube with only a little bit a noise and ran it through Real ESRGAN.

This might be the highest resolution one on the web.

I had a chance to go the Clerks 3 movie premiere last night. It was a surreal night. I was out till 3:30am. Today I am a zombie but it was worth it.

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