Picked up a Logitech K840 mechanical keyboard at the thrift shop for $5. It's missing the F7 key.

This uses the Romer G switch. A proprietary switch from Logitech. I found a single F7 key on ebay for $5.

$10 total but I think the keycap I ordered is from a different color set.

Types smooth though. I dig the linear switch.

I've been playing with this little box. OpenWRT, SSH server, Supports USB tethering and has OpenVPN and Wireguard support. Thing is a beast. amzn.to/2QtWxxq

Vaccine Shot Day 

Made the cut!

Glad I got here early. They had the (Michelle) Pfizer today. Second one on the 1st of May.

Chilling in the post shot observation area. I'm really lucky to get it this early and that's not lost on me.

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Lenovo makes some beautiful laptops like the Thinkpad. They also just released this 2012 looking monstrosity.

I'm using Samsung Dex. It's acutally pretty slick. Next step is getting a Linux VNC server from Termux so I can run native Linux apps.

Selfie, eye contact, happy 

I climbed the hill and I feel good. It almost feels like summer.

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