Went out to the lagoon and snapped a few images before the sun set. These two old guys came out good.

Got a new (used) 35-70mm lense from my dad for my . Decided to take a little self portrait testing it out on my lunch break. Wanting to get back into photography again.

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My family is a bunch of amazing beautiful weirdos. @RachaelReeder πŸ˜πŸ”πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

New is LIVE on FiFine USB Microphone!

If you dig this stuff, let me know. Filmed this with my phone in silky smooth 24 FPS.


I had no idea they had these signs at the beach. Neat!

Alex Jones finally got the boot from Twitter.

As we get closer to I think it's time to start watching some classic Halloween .

First on my list:

+ Shaun of the Dead
+ Elvira
+ Cabin in the Woods
+ Beetlejuice
+ Little Shop of Horrors

I'm very anti-google but the redesign of Chrome/Chromium looks really good. It's had a terrible Windows XP like look for a long time.

Snapped this photo of quarters to brag to $GIRLFRIEND but look at that . Bright sunlight on white sidewalk really opens the aperture!

My friend kicked me down his old 42 inch plasma TV. Two of the 3 HDMI ports are busted but other than that it works prefect. No burn-ins.

Used hardware is awesome.

I've been an active user of for years. Tonight I discovered Maps ( gitlab.com/axet/omim ) It's a fork of Maps.Me and it's amazing.

Offline maps, location aware search, ad free, Android and iOS builds. Neat!

It's a hell of a lot lighter and more user friendly than OsmAnd.

We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood. That's probably part of why the temperature stays nice. Never too hot.

Snapped in LA today. Used the HDR mode in and only touched it up a little in post.

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