Dierya dk63 keyboard and the Rii rm105 mouse make a decent pair. The Rii feels way cheaper than expected and the Dierya feels way more expensive than it is.

Okay, I installed K9 and even though it's kinda ugly, it only took me a few seconds to set up. Excellent!

Thank you, everyone.

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I guess I'm a keyboard collector now. Dierya dk63 top, Anne Pro (left) and Royal Kludge rk61 (right), Motospeed ck103 at the bottom. Probably selling the Anne and the Motospeed soon.

I think this might be my new daily driver. Dierya dk63. Full RGB, exposed switches, and a low profile.

Got my aluminum key caps and my custom Gnome foot and Oops key.

Less than $60 USD and it a champ to use. I thought that weird right shift key would be weird but I don't even notice it.

Looks like I'm gonna have to take a break. Power is out for a few so I can't really work. No power for the router and I really don't want to tether right now.

I got running on the Amazon Fire 8 (2020). It's got a 720p screen, and only 2 gigs of RAM but Krita runs like a beast.

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