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GNU/Arthur ✅

My first font, Open Comic Font, is almost 10 years old. I made this for a comic book that I was drawing that was never finished.

When I'm listening to an album and the player is accidentally on shuffle.

This is what $5 worth of meds look like in the US. In some cases this is cheap.

Just a friendly reminder. Android is a Linux based OS.

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This change my plans today.

Today is an Ozzy type day. Black Rain might be one of my favorite Ozzy albums right after No more Tears.

Finally got a dock for my . It's going to make cable managment so much easier.

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Our new couch looks comfy AF.

Don't mind the mess. 60% RGB backlit. MX Blue clones.

It's 104°F why is this happening?

Still getting the office set up. I found my old USB microphone.

Looking more like an office. Now it's time for a birthday steak break!

Looks like I have competition.