Haven't put the 16GB of RAM yet but dropped into the system. This thing is a beauty. Next purchases will be the backlit keyboard, 9 cell battery, and the SSD. Those will have to wait though.

@catdad This is my new (used but new to me) Thinkpad x230. It's from 2012 but it's way faster than my last work laptop.

@art yeah but it was a netbook right? i thought it was but i cant figure out the side with the picture :\

@catdad As far as I know netbooks we're sub 11 inch screens. According to Wikipedia they were "small, lightweight, legacy-free, and inexpensive laptop computers" ( ) This is a Thinkpad ( ) a series of laptops marketed at business.

@art aww damn, i still rock my old netbook with debian and got excited since i never see anyone with them anymore

@catdad Those things are cool but not enough muscle for what I need.

@art not to mention they solder in the ram so im stuck with 4gb :(

@art @catdad That's so cool!

I have a Thinkpad Yoga 11e (3rd Gen) right now, and picking up an x220 or x230 is a really appealing option as an affordable upgrade. Especially because of all the upgrades it can handle.

@art I love it. I’m definitely looking at a 2nd hand Thinkpad for my next machine.

@art That's sweet! Did it need any non-free drivers? (WiFi maybe?)

@LeftCoast Just the WiFi. Gonna look for a better card. I know there are a few out there that I can pop in place.

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