I have but the girlfriend doesn't want to give up her Google calendar. Is there a standards based way to share Events between the two?

@art I think it's possible to add a Google calendar into Nextcloud Calendar (though I can't say this for sure).

Another nice thing is that if you use DAVdroid to sync the Nextcloud calendar to a phone, it still works perfectly with the Google Calendar app for Android. The app uses the standard calendar store in Android as its backend, which means it behaves exactly the same whether the calendar is hosted on Google or somewhere else.

@art There's an option in Google Calendar settings to enable an iCal link for each calendar. Maybe you can import that into Nextcloud.

@art iirc you can export google calendar into iCal format (readable by clients like calcurse), but I don't know what Nextcloud uses
I've had good luck with YCBM. You can get an account for free. You can pay and get more features, but here's what my free account looks like: -- you can set up codes and stuff, but I'm not sure if you can do that in the free account. She should be able to invite you and you can use the ics file. I'm not sure about the other way around.

Been there. Send ical event by email to each other

As funny and handsome you appear on your profile gif avatar, it shouldn't be that difficult to find a new girlfriend who will follow your standards. Jokes aside, I'm interested in the technical answers.

@art @vurpo @alcinnz @espen My girlfriend shares her Calendar via iCal as @corbin mentioned. But you talk as you would like to copy it, right? I think for copying there is no good plugin as the most developer consider it a fault to do something. You tried to convince her using the Nextcloud calendar? Or is copy an approach to convince her as she sees that the Nextcloud calendar is reliable?

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