I'm also a little annoyed at the official app requires Google play for notifications. I'm sure they realize that a lot users want to get away from Google.

@art The official Nextcloud app is also available on F-Droid, which to my knowledge does not allow proprietary dependencies.

@vurpo That's actually where I got it but when I go to the "Notification" section it has a pop up that asks for Google Play. I'll try to get a screenshot.

@art Have better solution for not wrecking battery life ?
Fdroid version doesn't have this if you don't want it.

I think @art isn't suggesting that @nextcloud should force users to use Google services, but instead "we all" should be thinking about a solution around it.

@art @nextcloud @RyuKurisu There are no other battery friendly alternative, push notification must come from one source for battery usage reasons, be it Google or another server, having multiple open connection for the same purpose will kill battery life.
Unless there is a low level replacement that would work as a drop in replacement for all apps, that's a dead end.

@vurpo @art There are no battery friendly alternative at all for Android.
Do you want never sleeping phone dying 8 hours after unplugging power ?

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