The MicroG build of Lineage OS has F-Droid baked in as a system app. That is amazing.

@art Finally some big group tries to make f-droid more mainstream, so that more people get in touch with open-source

Including the privileged extension, which is needed to automatically updating apps from F-Droid? That would be very great to have.

Currently I depend on the YouTube app from Google, and I still have a few apps that I have through the app store, but I'm nearly #GoogleFree 💪😎

@RyuKurisu I think you should check out NewPipe if you haven't already. It's a better YouTube app than the YouTube app.

@art @RyuKurisu I told my GF about it earlier although she has an iPhone. I can concur on it being a better frontend. (Channel subs without signing up to YouTube and it can show a feed of new videos posted from everyone subbed? Count me in!)


Is there a way to import my current subscriptions from my Google/YouTube account? And how do sync between devices? Because it became a lot more infrequent that I restart a new device, but I still need to be able to backup and restore my subscriptions.

@ryukurisu @art AFAIK, there is no way to sync, import or export subscriptions. The feature was introduced in a semi-recent version so I have no doubt there will be ideas on how to extend it.
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