@art This is why I've really come to enjoy splitting my time between the office and remote work through the week. I did 4 months of working from home full time, and it did not go well.

@art On a slightly different tack your description in the first paragraph under "Dehumanisation" is a PERFECT description of everything I've struggled with in being deaf, because I am forced into exactly that mode 24/7 with hearing people.

However, I consider email less prone to misinterpretation, because I have everything in black and white there...no missed words, no missed agenda items, etc. I have not experienced misinterpretations over email, but I do see it otherwise in social media.

@browneyedgirl (I'm actually not the author, it just resonated with me). I agree with that but there have been a million times I've had to rewrite an email just because the ideas were not connecting with my boss. This is where phone calls help me.

@art It's a wonderful privilege, having a fallback like that. I have to go to the person f2f if that happens. Increasingly difficult (think companies, utilities, agencies besides work).

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