For the first time is years I'm finally back on from Ubuntu. Last time I was a Debian user 2 was the default desktop. Stable feels so good now.

@art I'm seriously loving Debian Stable myself. Sure it isn't as exciting as Arch or as popular as Ubuntu but it makes me happy.

@ewankeep I love having the hottest packages but I'm getting to be a cantankerous old Linux nerd. I need stability!

@art hah! I was just thinking that I was an old boring nerd for running Debian Stable, Xfce on my 12 year old Dell. I started on Xubuntu, 4 years ago, so Xfce feels comfortable and the old machine isn't as peppy with Gnome. But I might live on the wild side and try me some icewm, whoo!

@ewankeep Might want to give i3 a run too. I played with it for a week and it was crazy fast but it didn't quite scratch my itch. Definitely an awesome experience.

@art haven't heard of i3 before. had to look it up. I'm not a developer or anything so it might be a bit advanced for me, but it does sound cool to have a text driven experience. Sounds like my first computer back in the 80's actually - but faster, lol!

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