Not sure who's in charge of choosing dates but Bi Awareness Week is here.


Bisexual folks do not owe you their dating history. Bisexuality is attraction to 2+ more genders. It's non-binary. Not all who identify as Biromantic are Bisexual. Bisexual folks are Bisexual no matter who they're dating. Bisexuality is not a phase or denial with being gay. Bisexuality is a spectrumm. Not a 50/50 split.

@art Thank you for sharing this! I hope this is okay to ask--I am not as knowledgeable as I'd like to be in this area and I would like your perspective--but what differentiates bisexuality from pansexuality? My (presumably outdated or misinformed) understanding was that bisexual meant romantic interest in 2 specific genders, whereas pansexuality was meant to cover more of a spectrum.

@ADHDefy There is still a lot of debate about this. As far as I understand Bi can include attraction of more than one gender.

Pan is attraction where gender doesn't doesn't really become a factor.

I'm not sure if I did a good job of explaining it.

@art On the contrary, that actually makes a ton of sense. Thank you!

@art Bisexuality is the best sexuality. Stupid monosexuals, how can they deny it.

You know who loves everyone? JESUS, that’s who. And there’s no one sexier than Jesus (please see).

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