What search engine does the fediverse use?

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@art I really like #Startpage because it serves #Google results (which are IMHO the best of all) but in a #privacy-friendly way.


I'm still trying to find an alternative to DDG. And startpage is not one of them because of this :

I wrote something about DDG here :

@hyde I know of that but the thing is: If you suspect Startpage of being privacy-invasive even when there is no actual hint to that, then you shouldn't have a reason to trust any search engine that doesn't have an open index, meaning that the acquirement doesn't really change much IMO – regardless of whether you trusted Startpage before or not.

@art I use and fall back to Google when that does not suffice.


StartPage (which is Google inside) or Searx. Going to install my own instance of that soon.

@art I would be curious what "other" search engines people use. I have been playing with some lesser-known searches lately but haven't found results I can depend on yet.

@art I've been using @Mojeek for over a year now with DDG as a fallback.
@art DuckDuckGo (but not their browser, I'm a Firefox user)


#Ecosia. If I am not satisfied with the results, I also search via google. However, this hasn't happened for a long time. So I use ecosia exclusively. - Not only because of the
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