I really feel the future of transportation is less Tesla and more electric bikes and powerful public transit.

The amount of things that can be done is amazing.

@art I dare to agree, how ever, the more e-bikes are on the road in this particular German town, the more I wish there was a drivers license for bikes (and here drivers licenses don't need to be prolonged every so many months). E-Bike riders drive like suicidal lemmings here after apparently not having been an active participant in wheeled road traffic for decades, and this coming from a bicyclist.

@art As the infrastructure gets better and better, the less advanced and smaller equipment the user needs. But sadly, in places where road infrastructure is of low quality we will have to do with cars, even fossil fuel ones. :(

(with that said, I will be personally challeng that notion as I am planning to get an EV in the near future. Lets see how it will do on the near highland gravel roads and snow up here in north Iceland)

PS: that bike carriage tech is looks sweet!

@art Amazing! Sadly, this'll never work where I live, not in a million years.

@art I wish. Laws in the UK have yet to catch up with public demand for this.

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