Been trying to make music a lot more lately. Perhaps you seen. I've just kind of been in awe lately about how powerful Linux is when it comes to creative works.

I think a lot of people still have this idea that you need Apple hardware and software to make things.

That's kind of funny really.

@art It’s funny in a way, but sad in another. On the sad side, everyone in my life who insists on using Apple devices, uses them strictly for consumption. They’ve been convinced that not only do you need Apple devices to be digitally creative, but that merely buying Apple devices makes them creative. They skip right over the whole “creating things” part if creativity.

@art I want to get started in that direction too. I find it hard to get started, maybe because I looked at orca+supercollider, and didn't get it.

Do you have any pointers on how to get started making interesting noices on Linux?

What software is good? Any websites or tutorials?

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