I was kinda hoping that Plus Codes, the open source GPS shortener that Google developed would become a standard. Looks like Apple maps doesn't support it.

It's easier to share:



33.812098, -117.91896

@art i use what 3 words a lot myself, but it's got issues not being an open standard. i don't like plus codes because they're not easy to remember for humans. it's like Google went out of their way to solve lat/lon but for the machines. At least with a lat/lon a human can infer information about where you are

@tomasino @art I find that this works similar with plus codes (2 chars for largest grid cell, more for smaller ones), and it's actually the reason why I don't like the 3 words. Plus codes seem to be a good compromise between human and machine usability to me.

@tomasino I've never seen 3 words before. I think for a solution to share with my less tech savy friends it might be a really good option.

@art @tomasino I hate to poo-pooh it, but I'm going to poo-pooh it. These guys give a few reasons:

The idea is pretty cool, though, there's no doubt about that. It's all the proprietary-ness about it that's not just 'uncool', but could be dangerous.

I wish I had a better suggestion, though - I guess, Art, you're trying to manage locations without the clumsiness of lat/long cut & paste on mobile?

Maidenhead grid squares *might* be something to consider - there's a free iOS maidenhead grid converter app. Used widely in the amateur radio world. The GPS Status app for Android does sharing, but I'm not sure if there's an equivalent in iOS.
@tomasino @art I dislike plus codes. Like tomasino said, they're handy for machines not humans
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