3D printing my first STL that I made from scratch. Leaning how to model for printing is one of the goals I wanted to learn.

This was built in but as it's printing I've learned how to build the model in .

The printers at the Long Beach Library are really nice.

Replaced the cardboard stand. Not exactly a complex print but it was very educational.

@art Nice!
I kinda want one - or the use of one. It seems they are like scanners: just one in a neighbourhood should be enough.


@gemlog Definitely check out your local library. A lot of libraries are building maker spaces like this one.

@art Honestly, I haven't been to our library since my kids grew up.
I sometimes go to art showings in the basement, but that's about it.
They don't seem to have a 3d printer - at least, not yet ;-)

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