It's been a while since I did the computing at the local McD. I forgot how the McD wifi blocks certain apt repos. It's weird.

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@art Any public wifi like that, always be running your vpn. It is the best $5/mo or whatever you'll ever spend.

@mdhughes I use the Proton free tier vpn for things like that. It usually does a good job of unblocking things. If that doesn't work I'll connect to my mobile phone.

@art Took me a few visits to realize that our mcd only lets you have 20 minutes of wifi. Dunno if that's per day or wait some hours... I just don't go there anymore.

@gemlog That's usually done by flagging your Mac address. I use a randomizer. If I ever get pinged I just disconnect and reconnect. πŸ‘

@art I don't think there is an area in my little town w/o open wifi, so I just don't give them much business anymore.

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