@art no, the piece of shit assholes like YOU lose! He was attacked by a rapist and a pedophile, and they're both dead! Good riddance!

@art Shame on you. Self defense is a fundamental human right.


This was the clearest case of self-defense I've ever seeen go to trial. @art is a piece of shit if he honestly believes Kyle was guilty.
@art Literally why would the character of a person matter? It was self defense and within legal limits to posess. Whether or not he's a good person is completely irrelevant to the law, as it should be.
@art no, the pieces of shit died already, the hero walks
@art cry for the rest of your meaningless life about it faggot
@art Does it hurt getting your asshole stretched that wide? Get bent, faggot.
@art what you gonna do about it? you gonna cry? shit your pants? maybe cum? shit your pants and cum?


Are we surprised? Look at what happened in the Malheur case.

More than 90% of criminal convictions in the USA are obtained without a jury trial. Prosecuting attorney in many jurisdictions is an elective office, & little things like ability to argue one's way out of a wet paper bag are not qualifications on which much emphasis is placed. No wonder they are often blazingly incompetent when called upon to actually prosecute, even when guilt is obvious. And that's before we consider bias.

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