Where do you get your news?

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@art Instagram I'm joking. I get a lot of new sent to my email

@art Mostly: The Spinoff, & I get COVID news directly from the NZ government.

I also get emailed weekly opinion pieces from Scoop, and sometimes get other news stories forwarded from other newssites by my IRL contacts.

I subscribe to numerous blogs, but that's not rarely news!

(The newspapers I mentioned are local)
(It's surpringly likely you've some of The Spinoff's COVID reporting)

@art admitedly, no where. I'm so clueless and don't know who to trust anymore at this point :(

But that is concerning world news and politics. But for more informational stuff about music, technology and the likes, I get it from trusted youtubers, mastodon now, and discord (oddly enough)

@art Mainly the Intercept and Democracy Now! these days. And for analyzing the failures and biases of the corporate media Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, or FAIR.

@art and/or their corresponding radio station(s)

@art NPR's short daily news podcasts (Up First and sometimes Consider This though often I skip to the local Philly-market segment)
Philly Inquirer

and a carefully curated list of Twitter reporters (many female and/or nonwhite who post links to their articles that their stupid outlets don't put in any convenient RSS feeds, which is how I get all of the previous stuff)

@art google news, sadly, though I am 1000% open to an alternative that grabs popular stories and aggravates multiple sources, which is what I like most about google news.

Also NPR, which is great.

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