I acquired this Dell sk-8135. It's in good condition but it's just been sitting in storage for the last 5 or 6 years and is in desperate need of a cleaning.

Okay, this is my test of the freshly cleaned Dell sk-8135 keyboard. It's a membrane keyboard however it's a high quality keyboards that is far better than it has any business being.

@art Nice! I have one of those stored away as well. I also bought a black Dell QuietKey (RT7D5JTW) some months back. I found the same model at work in beige, albeit a bit beat up, and it's connected to my OpenBSD desktop at work. I've always loved the feel of those keyboards even though they were dome membrane. Just the right amount of resistance for me. That being said, I'd still love a Unicomp Mini-M keyboard. 😁

@art Here's info on the QuietKey (PS/2 model) which I have.

A couple of pics of the keyboards. One is the beige one from work, the other the one at home connected to my Fedora desktop.

@claudiom That's awesome. I gave my last PS/2 keyboard away once I went full laptop as my only computer.

@art I really liked that style of Dell keyboard. I had one of the bluetooth ones back in the day.

@art brings back some gangster memories. Those things wear unevenly, they’re kinda noisy for membrane keyboards, the multimedia keys are eh. I wouldn’t have the memory of that time of my life not include space bar finish that wear unevenly. You knew where your thumbs were.. Such a time and place

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