With all this Windows 11 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) panic that's happening I wonder if this will result in a used computer market flooded with cheap old computers that would be great for Linux users.

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@art perfect time for it too, imma try and buy one in the fall/winter


TPM maybe not, but the CPU support of Windows 11 clearly SUCKS, and will probably result in said glut of 2nd hand PC.

@ParadeGrotesque @art but isn't the lack of CPU support is due to the TPM situation itself ??

@cybernomad @art

That is not my understanding, since TPM is separate from the CPU. On the other hand, I may be wrong, so I would be interested in a better understanding.

@cybernomad @art

Replying to myself: The Verge seems to have a pretty good breakdown of Windows 11 requirements.

TL;DR: TPM 2.0 is required, but older CPUs are definitely out.

So, it seems MSFT is doing a favour to INTC. Either that or their vaunted TPM security is so slow, you really need a powerful machine to run it.

@cybernomad @art

And that, of course, is just my understanding. I'll conclued by saying I am really glad I got rid of Windows machines at home.

@ParadeGrotesque Reading that article, I can only come to one conclusion.

This is the "Vista Capable" disaster all over again. You'd think they'd have learned from that hot mess...

@cybernomad @art

@art or BSD users. That’s what I’m hoping for.

@art I hope that is the case, instead of the landfill taking them all.

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