Who should I follow on ? I've been following a few people but it's hard to find content that isn't just stolen videos from YouTube.

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@art @FediVideos has a lot of good recommendations. personally i can say there's quite a few cool people on (including myself :D)


You can see a list of recommended video accounts to follow here:

All of them are either the creators' own accounts, or videos that are under creative commons / public domain licences.

Some of the creatorrs publish on YouTube too, so you may see references to YT within the videos, but none of these are stolen. is particularly full of good videos, the admin negotiates with existing YT creators to bring them over to the Fediverse.


although in Portuguese, I talk about exercising the abacus (the awesome predecessor of computer).

If I get some confidence, I might start doing the videos and the live in English 😉

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