On a Noble Quest™.

Off to buy a pair of decent over the ear headphones. Wired.


I'm going to buy it from someplace near my house.

It's like the 90s out here today.

I failed. I'm so sorry.

Every place near me had only bluetooth headphones and the only over the ear models were north of $200.

@art that will be fun. i put my vote in for sony mdr-7506 if you can find them! :)


The last pair of headphones I bought was in fact (a) wired & (b) from a place near my house, but that place was Big Lots, & it was a shitty $5 pair. "More comfortable than earbuds" was my only criterion!

@art it was a noble attempt. if frys had still existed you may have been successful, however you also may have had to drive all the way to el segundo. just so long as you didn’t leave your wallet there, that would have probably been okay. (yes that’s a pharcyde reference)

@art too bad about that local requirement, because I bought my headphones on AliExpress. They are Bluetooth, but they have a wired fallback which you can use permanently if you'd like. The included microphone won't worked wired thou, but that might be a plus for you?

You could check those local Bluetooth earphones for wired fallback option? 🤔

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