Just installed Pipewire in Debian. Replaces PulseAudio and Jack and it's cross compatible with apps that use it.

Launched OBS and everything recorded as expected. Opened Ardour and it connected to "Jack". Was able to record into OBS and Ardour at the same time without any hickups.

@art no way!!! I'll have to give this a test drive. I don't think I have ever seen a linux audio post like this.

@art Oh man, I hope it's both as good as you say it is and that it replaces PulseAudio really soon.

@art I'll try it out but I don't want a repeat of PulseAudio where distros start shipping it before it's ready and people forever have an irrational hatred of it

@BrodieOnLinux It's definitely not ready to be default. I had a few crashes. But it did work surprisingly well.

@BrodieOnLinux @art Fedora are shipping it by default in the next version (34) which is very cool but also makes me nervous
@art it's soooo good

opening up Carla and connecting my Bluetooth mic to bitwig input, my bitwig output to Firefox input, adjusting the volumes in pavucontrol

@art never heard of it, will check it out, thanks for pointing it out

@art thats insane! might give it a shot sometime soon then

@art Yup, finally took the plunge. Installed pipewire and frankly expected everything to come crashing down.

I tried playing music through pulseaudio, opened my DAW to check out jack support and... they all worked! I managed to crash it with my bluetooth headphones but managed to get them to work as well. So, some hiccups but very, very promising indeed!

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