Just got a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for talking about NewPipe. The free and open source video player. Sigh...

@art someone should write to whatever legislators are investigating google and youtube about it

@art Conversely, when I found out how well NewPipe worked with TILvids (my PeerTube instance), I felt compelled to make a video showing how to use it, to share with the community!


Fuck YouTube. They banned my decade-long and in-good-standing account (without any previous warnings or violations on it, I might add) about a month ago, because I commented that trans women are men once on a random radfem video. They said I was posting hate speech.
@art you're gonna appeal, right? Some troll probably just reported you and the moderator doesn't know what they're looking at.
@art thats messed up. hope you get it properly restored, because that is certainly not a correct way to use the moderation tools on that platform :cirnoForReals:


First they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then...


In truth, the winning part does take some time :-)
They laughed at ppl like me for using linux in '94.
Today anyone with any kind of computer touches linux every day. Sometimes victory doesn't look exactly as imagined...
@art @bob

@art Thanks for posting your videos on peertube as well. In the end, non-centralized platforms are probably our only way to escape corporate tyranny. Keep up the good work!


Community Guidelines strikes

⚠️ Warning
• Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines.
• Because it's the first time, your account isn't affected. You're only warned once and this watning will remain on your channel.

If this happens again
• Your channel will get a Community Guidelines strike.
• You won't be able to do things like upload, post, or live stream for 1 week.

Content removed
If you feel we made a mistake, you can (...)

Sorry, I can't understand Your problem.
I've commented a toot from, @art, that can read any on the screenshot on a 5 inch display ?

@alm10965 @art That's the text in the image, sorry I wasn't clearer about that

yeah youtubes community guidelines are a bit fuzzy, in 2019 a video of some friends was banned in which they have just read text from the german constitution! 😉

If it makes you feel better, the attention on this post helped me find this cool new tool.

@art did you considered moving to peertube yet?

"Dangerous" content to whom? Only to Google's monopoly, it seems.

Oh wait :O

@art they're outright going for their competition with this crap

@art I got the same strike for a video on youtube-dl not too long ago. So did DenshiVideo. Really annoying they seem to be targetting small YouTube video creators but leave larger people’s videos up. Harmful or dangerous content includes videos that break their terms of service.

@art this seems to be a mostly automated strike spree

I try to use newpipe, but it doesn't works with youtube.

@yoshir @art the fdroid version is horribly out of date (iirc). Are you using that version?

@art Dissent shall not be tolerated. Neither will competition :thinking_cirno: :laughing_cirno:

Promoting an alternative platform or tool is against YouTube's guidelines.

Every person who say "Watch my stream on Twitch", "I am on LBRY", "Join our Zoom conference at 7pm Pacific time" or similar things to inform people about a tool or platform that is competitor of Google is violating the guidelines.

It is so sad that to inform people about better alternatives, we should use their censored platform ☹️

@art Oh wow *slow claps*👏 ... It this point I am not even surprised those basters are nothing but fucking clowns just because its not made from them the consider it as a threat unbelievable! damn bastard's people got to move over to peer tube as alternative because why the fuck would anybody has to deal with this crap😠

@art Free software is pretty harmful and dangerous

for them.

I see why Google took away their 'Don't Be Evil' motto. What about free speech and freedom of choice? YouTube are acting like Nazis.

@art "Harmful or dangerous content" is cropospeak for "competence", huh?

Time to file anti competition strike on google boi ,it's an opportunity to earn law suit moneh

@art NewPipe is good for phone. what about PC, Laptop, Distro?

@art Hi Art BLM thank for respond. My prob is youtube-dl. How to verify installation.?? How it will work without public key.

@kira_uni45 Honestly I've never tried to get the signature. I usually just check the sha256.

You might have to reach out to the dev team on that one.

I also coundn't get the sig to work.

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