Self reflection 

I'm a terrible communicator. It's something that I've been working on for the last few years. Words constantly eacspe me mid sentence and I stammer far too much.

Somewhere between my brain and my mouth I constantly feel like I'm buffering. Words I feel like I know how to say I just can't say.

re: Self reflection, unsolicited advice 

That's fine. Most people do this. The ones that don't trained hard. If you listen to very eloquent individuals who seem at great ease training about certain subjects, it's often something they talked about in the same way for years. If you listen long enough, they will even repeat the same ideas phrased almost the same way.

If you have a presentation upcoming or an interview, prep all the talking points with notes, maybe even write it out, then record yourself several times noting where you struggled. You will greatly improved and ace whatever presentation or interview is upcoming.

Self reflection 

Well on the positive side l thoroughly enjoy your videos and feel like you're a great communicator:). Don't be too hard on yourself.

Self reflection 

@lps @art Absolutely agree. I'm a fan of Arthur since I saw him first on peertube years ago. Now I follow him on odysee too. The great thing is that his topics are unique and interesting. 👍

Self reflection 

@art I feel this 10,000%!

re: Self reflection 

@art you aren't alone!

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