Does anyone know why WebRTC is such crap under Firefox\? I have to use a Chromium based browser to use Jitsi.

@art Guessing you checked the usual suspects such as DNS over http and extensions that are running amok?


My dad's at Cisco and he tells me something across the lines of "WebRTC is pretty clean. Well it *was*, but then we got clients"

Something like that, anyway.

@art Maybe because Google effectively detains the almost only modern implementation of WebRTC and that they don't do it in a open-source development model but in a shared-source model?

@art #firefox have had a very early webRTC implementation and numerous bugs have been fixed lately. I was my impression that most functions work by now.
I still have some issues regarding screen share, but that is the same on Chromium. Sadly I have to use RealChromeBrowser to have a reliable setup capable of sharing my screen.
I you are interested there are a lot of (mostly historical) information on Jitsi bugtrack

@art I only have Firefox installed and use jitsi and Big Blue Button all the time

I do run into occasional issues, but same goes for proprietary video conferencing on the work laptop

running debian or Ubuntu everywhere

I do use uMatrix, so maybe I'm blocking analytics or other JS that causes issues

@art which Version oft FF is that. Thought WebRTC issues in FF Werke solved like half a year ago. Have they returned or haven't you updated since a while?

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