I want this election to be called already so I can stop doom scrolling and anxiety eating.

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@art So true. I try not to read the news, but I keep looking at the AP results for every little change. I mean, I'm not worried about the outcome at this point, but the fact that it isn't officially over is driving me to distraction.

@CarlCravens @art I am german but I flollow the election very closly too. I am concerned that violent riots may occur.

@erik @CarlCravens Honestly, we've had some isolated riots since the ballots started being counted but I don't think there will be anything wide spread.

I do think we might see a rise in small violet acts similar to when Trump first got elected in 2016.

I can only assume everything seems extra bonkers outside of the US.

@art it's 2020 doom scrolling is something we've been doing all year without Trump 🤣

@art I'm more worried about the attempted coup and I can't say it's over until that stops.

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