I've been wanting to get into Lego but it's hard to justify the space. Just want to build things, not like sets just random 3D pixel art.

I find leocad.

It's a cool builder with a ton of blocks. Plus you can download more blocks from other creators.

The default rendering engine is povray. It's not bad but you can export to a blender compatible format.

@art This is really good! We have tons of Lego in the basement, but as you said space is an issue. But with this we have unlimited bricks and our imagination. :)

Thanks for this!

@art I have a Lego case for my MacBook and make pictures on it using 1x1 flat squares. Like pixel art but more tactile, like cross stitch but without having to thread a needle. (Photo from last week’s National Press Club lunch where I was taking notes on someone’s speech).

@emmadavidson This is one of the coolest things I've seen on this entire site. 😀 🤘

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