@art Then I hope you don't need the police when the New Jack City style Mob Rule gang beats you to death because you didn't paid their protection racket fee.
@art I do understand.
Critical Theory is a pseudoscience because it is based on unfalsifiable hypothesis. In other words, if I were to do a longitudinal long term study that shows that Critical Race Theory or Critical Gender Theory predictions do not corroborate with objective and observable reality, the critical theorist will argue that "since the scientific based was conceptualized during the Enlightenment, it is rooted in the oppressive system of belief that is capitalist heteronormative patriarchal society, therefore all evidence gathered based on the scientific methodology are biased towards the systems of oppression that critical theory seeks to dismantle and, as such, its biases render it useless to disprove Critical Theory". Essentially this a fallacy known as " Special Pleading Fallacy" , so the argument is fallacious and false according to the principles of Analytical Philosophy. The critical theorist is trying to dismiss the amount of evidence that falsifies the hypothesis of the theory resorting to a rhetorical argument or "pleading" via a circular logic ( that the alleged "biases" on experimental evidence obtained via repeatable experiments can render it "null" if it doesn't agree with the theory) that the theory itself can be used to decide whether experimental evidence is valid or not.

Since Critical Race Theory is a pseudoscience, it's arguments can not reflect accurately objective reality therefore their arguments should be considered as mysticism proper of a religion. As such, the claims of Critical Race Theory that police departments constitute a "system of oppression meant to keep the Whites I.e. meritocracy and individualism in power as a dominant culture" holds no water or sense, since it cannot be falsified.
@TheMadPirate @ChristiJunior @art Patrician post, my lad! The eloquence, the elegance! A pleasure to read.

I would've just noted this Nigger has "BLM" and a mask emoji on his name and called him a faggot and moved on with my day.

Hmm, yes, quite. 🍷 :gentleblob:
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