1. TikTok gets banned in the US
2. Young people learn how VPNs work
3. The digital divide in America shrinks a bit more (?)

@art Is it going to be a complete ban, or just a ban on government workers?

@InternetKevin Honestly, they haven't really said. So far the only concrete information was whatever Trump yelled at reporters on Friday night while stepping off Air Force One.

+ He said he'll ban it
+ Doesn't want Microsoft to buy it
+ And he said he has the power to do so

We shall see what happens next.

@art I support a ban for US government workers. I don't support a ban for ordinary citizens. Ordinary citizens should have the right to choose whether they trust TikTok with their data, just like it is with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

@InternetKevin @art Data sharing consent doesn't work, just like the please on "please wear a mask" doesn't work.

@tagomago yes, or more precisely, it doesn't always work. Honesty boxes don't always. Rarely do. Because it's relying on good faith. @art

@InternetKevin @art Also on the premise that people will take an informed choice, which clearly is not what's happening. And when that applies to something that can debunk democracy or threat life directly, sorry, that's not a doable "freedom".

@InternetKevin @art

I'm arguing against the current Internet business model.

@tagomago @InternetKevin @art freedom is freedom is freedom, including the freedom to be taken advantage of if you are not savvy to your consequence/don't care/believe that wrong is of no consequence to you. I am simultaneously for an idea of 0 regulation (true freedom) and for the idea that corporations should be transparent. If they are not, it is and should be your responsibility as a user to understand your risk. We need education of that risk.

@deianeira @tagomago @art without regulation corporations have zero incentive to be transparent or to educate anyone in how they are not transparent. The objective of a corporation is to maximize profit, this is often achieved by creating the superficial appearance of transparency but keeping the actual practices strictly secret

@InternetKevin @tagomago @art is it not the decision of the individual to support a corporation? Or does convenience force us to action?

@InternetKevin @tagomago @art societies raised uninformed make uninformed decisions.

*I could be well uninformed.

@deianeira @InternetKevin @art

1. Societies forced to be slaves to capital don't have the time to be informed on every "choice" they make.
2. Even having the time to educate yourself, the "freedom" to renounce to your freedom is NOT a freedom. That's why selling your freedom (becoming a slave) in exchange for your debts was banned in Greece some 25 centuries ago. And privacy should be one of those inalienable freedoms, because it not only affects you, but society as a whole.

@deianeira @tagomago @art Often we don't have much of a choice on what we use, the market effectively chooses for us. For example as a web developer I have to support Google Chrome because it is the market leader. My employer decides what operating system and other software I use. That decision is also based on what other people do. One choice is the most profitable, so although there is a choice, it's a false choice.

@art I don't think anyone will learn how VPNs work. The marketing and design of modern commercial VPN services (all the NordVPNs and ExpressVPNs of the world etc.) have made sure that they are only seen as a magical wand that supposedly protects against anything bad that could ever happen on the internet, and makes stuff work when it's blocked in your region. I'm sure that even if those services gain a lot of new users, the actual point of VPNs will remain a mystery to most.

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