These HDMI capture devices are selling all over the web for less than $20. Picked this one up for $14 and have another coming for $11.

They work great.

@art ooh nice - can it also capture audio? How's the Linux compatibility?

@polychrome I haven't done any audio capture with this but I heard that it works. I've only used it in Linux and it works great. Shows up as generic webcam.

@art @polychrome So it's a Video4Linux device? In that case it's a no brainer :) You can check on it's capacities with e.g. `v4l2ucp`

Usually this type gets really hot tho until it starts to stutter. Any long running recording test already?

If there is no problem I'd really like to know the model type of this one. `lsusb` should yield that.

@bekopharm @polychrome Longest I've run it was about 45 minutes. Didn't have an issue. I've heard that some people are having overheating issues though.

Shows up as a UVC but I can't seem to get it to show up under lsusb. Weird.

@art @polychrome dang… thanks for looking. Looks like the device ID is unknown to your kernel.

"Just works" hardware. I want!

@art Do you have a good RCA audio/video (the red-white-yellow connectors) capture device which works for Linux to recommend? The usual cheapo option only works on windows <8 as it is mostly a proprietary software, not a real converter.

I was looking for this yesterday ! How it works precisely ? could you tell a bit more ? Thanks ! :)

@lhp22 Shows up on your machine as a UVC (Universal Camera) so it should work without any drivers. Mjpeg video up to 1080p 30fps. It's quite nice, especially for under $20.

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