Using Syncthing, DecSync, and LibreOffice I've complexity replaced my need for Google Doc or Microsoft Drive.

It works flawlessly except for real time collaboration is just not doable. NextCloud has this but I think installing an entire server just to sync text might be overkill.

Just some random thoughts.

Weeell... On the other hand if you deploy a server for Nextcloud, there might also be enough space for systembackups?
Yesterday my RAM just died in the middle of updates and fucked my LUKS partition up in doing so. It would have bitten me in the butt far harder had I not made backups.

@CarbonCatalyst I have plans for a local backup. I use already use TimeShift so it'll probably just be a Raspberry Pi with a SSD. More than fast enough for a SSH sever but kinda clunky for NextCloud.

I don't know. If you put Arch on there there's a premade nextcloud package for a server on x64 at least. I have a systems script that executes on shutdown an makes incremental tar backups over sshfs.

Have recently upgraded to Nextcloud 18 and installed OnlyOffice collaborative server (as an add-on with one click)
Oh man! What a difference! OnlyOffice gives me better user experience than LibreOffice (unfortunately... I actually love LO, but OnlyOffice makes it easier,smoother...).
All my devices are synced using my Nextcloud server, don't need any google or dropbox etc.

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