How to Safely Clean your Phone. #Video 

@art Thanks! Man, you switch your PT accounts faster than I can find them. Good thing you announce your vids here as well 🤣


How to Safely Clean your Phone. #Video 

@IzzyOnDroid Honestly, until PeerTube fixes their federation, I'm gonna keep cross posting and cross linking. It baffles me that they would build a platform designed to limit building an audience.

Okay, sorry about the rant. lol

How to Safely Clean your Phone. #Video 

@art What is broken with its federation? I'm not using it that frequently as contributor (you know, it's mostly "holiday videos" I post, i.e. after holidays), so I might have missed it. I'm subscribed to several channels, get my notifications, and watch the vids, all works. I only have my doubts the "visitor counter" increases correctly (or what its delay is).

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