As the reality of a Linux phone gets closer, Android becomes more and more Linux like.

I can finally edit documents on my phone with free software. It doesn't look like it's on @fdroidorg yet.

@art as they do not even mention where the code is (or I missed that), @fdroidorg can hardly build it.

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Looks like it's coming upstream.

Uses the LibreOffice core with the Collabora html frontend just like Nextcloud.

@art @fdroidorg Ah. Lacks the description and thus is unclear: if you're sure that's the repo for the Android app (among others as it seems – but yes, looks like, I find an "android" folder with an "app" sub-folder inside and it uses gradlew), you could open a request for packaging at – but don't expect it "going fast", the gradle seems quite dynamic.

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