What YouTube alternative should be my focus for my videos?

@art voting PT because I think LBRY has much less exposure in comparison to PT, and going to another, even niche-ier thing, might turn off more than on.

Though, on the other hand, you might find hardercorer nerds

I love PeerTube. I just can't get into LBRY, even though I have an account and follow some people there. PeerTube is just so friendly and easy to work with and gets along nice with Mastodon and the Fediverse.

Use archive only for backup.

I don't like them. Their software is not a free software and they are very bad in accepting volunteer contribution. Several times from different channels I asked them to fix bidi support on the Senate so that it show RTL text properly as well. I said I am willing to help. There was not a single reply to any of my msg.

@art peertube is good, and under very active development it seems. Why not stick to that? :)

@art you might get biased results on the fediverse for fedi vs other technology ;)

I never actually got LBRY to load anything... So it was hard to watch content and unclear what.I was doing wrong.

@art after voting I got curious and started looking into #lbry. It does look interesting and I am going investigate deeper.
The description reminds me of #IPFS

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