Has anyone setup a Raspberry Pi NAS? I want something low voltage and open source as possible and I'm thinking that might be the best way to go.

@art I made something that suited my needs... just an rpi 2 with an external USB HDD (with its own power source). I run Syncthing for basic syncing, and can use sftp to get at anything else.


Well my Rapsberry pi3 provides nextcloud access with an external usb hd using raspberry power source.
i have some undervoltage warning in dmesg from time to time, but it does not prevent it to work quite correctly.
Usualy raspberry pi is not advised for NAS since its USB conenction is not that good and shared with ethernet. At least for a family use it is ok.

@PhilippeLhardy @art I'm looking forward to setup one with a Raspberry 4 (4Gb ram) and Nextcloud (dockerized) and a RAID-1 with a pair of SSD. I haven't done the setup just yet.

@art I don't think a Raspberry Pi is powerful enough, especially everything before the RPi 4 because they don't have Gigabit ethernet. I recently built one using a RockPro64 from @PINE64 which is running great. They even have a special NAS case for it which can fit 2 3.5'' HDDs:

@art I had a Raspberry Pi 1 NAS way back when. It ran samba, a UPnP media server, OwnCloud and CUPS as a network print server on Raspbian. It would overheat and lock up every now and then. But I think this shouldn't be a problem with a Pi 3 or 4.

@art Depends on your definition of NAS (and the use cases). I'm using BananaPis here (they have Gigabyte Ethernet) with SSDs as hard drive. Less than 2.5W on average, and just about 100 bucks (the SSDs being the most pricey parts, and they got cheaper meanwhile). One acts as git server (using Gitea) and backup server (rsync backup via ssh), the other is my mail server. No complaints so far – and it's almost 5 years now I run this setup.

@jordan31 @art shouldn't be that hard. Though I decided for some sophisticated setup, the basic components are available via standard repos: Dovecot, Postfix, Amavis, SpamAssassin. Side-loading: PostfixAdmin, optionally Roundcube if you want a WebIf to read mails. A little magic in bringing the parts together, that's it. Unfortunately, there are no ARM builds of Kolab or similar, which would make the task a lot easier…

@IzzyOnDroid @art yeah I would only run arm. Other than that email ports are blocked by my ISP

@art the only problem I would see is supplying power for HDDs. I personally prefer an older mini itx computer with several HDD and a gig port. It draws more than a pi but is capable of running more like my dlna server.

@art I have a #borg #borgbackup 1st gen #raspi running with a hdd on the network, if that's what you would call a NAS.

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