Been playing with locked Android phones. My mom's old Metro PCS phone has no root options and a ton of preinstalled apps.

Figured out how to delete or disable apps. Doesn't work for everything but I was able to delete the default launcher and Chrome.

Might look for a non-root way of blocking Google servers.

@art you can try using a VPN app that actually points to the local phone, and blocking through the VPN?

@art lets you set custom DNS blocklists, redirects etc. Especially if Android 9 which makes setting global DNS much easier, if not there's apps they provide which achieve the same :)

@art I've used a VPN and a Pi-hole to sinkhole domains on locked crapware phones before.

@friend @art I second Blockada, but there's always the chance that Google is just as underhanded as Microsoft and made their telepathy calls override any blocking mechanism on the machine. You'd need some network-based solution then

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