“Oh my god, I was so embarrassed for all those women in thongs performing incredible acts of strength and then getting paid large sums of money for it. Like, get a real job, honey – and maybe some dignity!”

> Wow! This Woman Pole Dances for Exercise but Doesn’t Respect Sex Workers

(The Reductress is parody, by the way.) 👍


Women your only purpose for existing in their man's world according to men

is so men have something they can all unite against in the name of their manhood and sneer and jeer at and have something at hand to throw all their rocks at,

and something at hand to take all their male frustrations out on..

and if you aren't yet brainwashed enough to be accepting of their male ideal of you

well men will step in to give you a proverbial kicking until you are!

"Sexually abusing women and girls?"

Hey that is what we men in our man's world call fun, we call our greatest male sport of all.. and it boosts our own male morale no end to see women and girls brutalised and their image annihilated..

@WotNoKetchup The fuck are you going on about? Is this some kinda of copypasta?

@art @WotNoKetchup this is the mindless drivel that apparently oozes from accounts on spinster. This person seems to be on a missionary excursion into other people's threads at the moment.
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