What is today?

@art In German, we also have the term "Weihnukah" (crossing "Weihnachten", the German word for Xmas, with "Chanukah"). That's a good compromise: this way, wishing "happy Weihnukah", both parties can feel equally offended 🙊

@art Given the lack of detail in the question, I feel the right answer should be:

A 5-letter word indicating the present day 🤔

@art Oh right, it's past midnight here and there is no festivus dinner to be had today. Global politics suck, people in this town are idiots and most drivers here seem to have gotten their drivers licenses from cereal boxes, which in term makes them buy SUVs because they don't feel safe which they don't know how to drive making it even worse.

@art how about an option for atheists?

Like: depressing week

or: most depressing week of the year

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